Reduce Transportation Waste with Elasto Proxy

Super Gasket Materials

Rubber profiles come in compounds with different material properties and environmental resistance. Commercial grade rubber costs less than specialty compounds, so it’s important not to “over-engineer” a rubber gasket. Elasto Proxy can help you to avoid this type of manufacturing waste, a form of over-processing, through better compound selection. As the Super Gasket shows, rubber profiles also come in low, medium, and high densities that provide different amounts of cushioning and impact resistance.

When you work with Elasto Proxy, our solutions providers will help you to select rubber with the right durometer, or hardness, for your application. Let’s say you need rubber for door gaskets. We’ll help you to avoid rubber that reaches compression set, the permanent deformation of a material when a compressive force (such as a closed door) is removed. We’ll also help you to avoid rubber that’s too hard to allow the door to close. Instead of wasting money on the wrong material, you’ll get what you need.

Super Gasket Cutting

The Super Gasket also demonstrates the value of water jet cutting, a gasket fabrication method with cost-saving advantages over both manual cutting and die cutting. If you’re cutting gaskets by hand in-house, you’re paying for mis-cuts and material waste. You’re also paying for labor, which can get expensive if you’re asking a highly-skilled employee to do the cutting. These workers aren’t using their true expertise, and unused knowledge is another form of manufacturing waste.

As the Super Gasket shows, water jet cutting also makes notches and holes. Die cutting can do this, too, but you’ll have to wait for and pay for tooling. By contrast, water jet cutting is a tool-less process with quick turnaround times. You might be able create notches and holes with manual cutting, but the defects that result are manufacturing waste. Inefficient notching also results in wasted motion, such as when workers spend time searching for tools or struggle to make cuts with the wrong type of tool.

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